Kevin Whitt

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Kevin Whitt is an anti-LGBTQ+ activist in Texas, primarily known for identifying as an “ex-gay” drag queen. Whitt is a Christian convert whose life story has been used to attack LGBTQ+ individuals and transgender youth. He has supported several conspiracy theories and hate groups, and been supported by multiple conservative and far-right groups.

It’s almost like the Detransitioner community steers clear of me because I’m a super conservative Christian Detransitioner who speaks my mind. They HATE that because they know I’ll call out the TRUTH.

Whitt on Twitter/X, 20 May 2023

Early Life

Whitt has described years of experience as a drag queen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, both as a performer and a host. He says that he came out as gay and began practicing drag at age 15, following a childhood marred by abuse at the hands of his father. He converted to Christianity in his mid-30s.

Whitt did not identify as transgender prior to 2019, instead describing himself as a former drag queen. He began publicly identifying as transgender at the same time as he began to criticize pro-trans policies while employed by MassResistance.

Political Activism

Whitt worked as a field organizer for the Republican Party of Texas from November 2020 until February 2021, in which he was fired for attending the Capitol riots of January 6 and posting video evidence on Instagram. During his employment, Whitt also traveled to Washington, D.C. to harass the employees of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, the center of a widely-debunked conspiracy dubbed “Pizzagate” that saw a resurgence in mid-2020.

Whitt went on to found The Whitt Project, whose stated mission is “saving our country from being destroyed by the Marxist agenda.”

Anti-LGBTQ+ and Alt-Right Activism

Prior to his employment by the Republican Party of Texas, Whitt worked as the assistant director for the Texas branch of MassResistance, an anti-LGBTQ+ conservative activist organization that has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. During his time with the group, Whitt pushed for strong anti-gay language in the Texas GOP party platform and disrupted a Frisco county school board meeting to accuse educators of anti-white racism while decrying critical race theory, a college-level concept that is not taught at elementary school levels. During the latter incident, he was escorted from the building by local police for trespassing.

During the 2020 election cycle, Whitt appeared in a series of political ads created by the American Principles Project, a conservative think tank. In one ad, Whitt describes gender-affirming care for transgender youth as “legalized child abuse,” and claims “treatments to change the gender of a minor are very dangerous and irreversible.” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis responded, stating the ads “perpetuate dangerous stereotypes, traffic in misinformation, and put the lives of transgender people at risk.”

Whitt made an appearance at a 2021 rally in Fort Worth, Texas, centered around the racist “White Lives Matter” movement, where at least one member of the Boogaloo movement also appeared. During the rally, another protester alleged Whitt assaulted her, leading to a brief confrontation in which no charges were filed.

Whitt has appeared at the Texas state capitol during hearings centered around the rights of transgender minors. During one of these appearances, Whitt allegedly followed a transgender child to the bathrooms, insisting they tell him which bathroom they intended to use while calling the child an anti-trans slur, before being escorted away by security.

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