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Corinna Cohn is a gender critical activist that considers herself to be “transsexual” based on the medical treatment she has received. Coming from a background as a software engineer, she appears in anti-trans media to testify about her regret with transitioning and support restrictions on transgender care, especially for minors and young adults.

Cohn has testified in favor of many pieces of anti-trans legislation, including that of which is seen in Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and Alabama. She co-runs the podcast Heterodorx, founded the trans gatekeeping organization Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network, and is on the advisory board for the anti-trans group ReThink Identity Medicine Ethics (ReIME).

It should never be considered normal or preferable to treat problems like autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, traumas, depression, or other social disorders by placing children on puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones. It is not a treatment path. It is a collar and a chain.

Corinna Cohn, Substack, 21 September 2022

Education and Credentials

Cohn is a software engineer who has previously worked with Fusion Alliance and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance. She has published a book on software engineering, and has worked on various websites.

Institutional and Ideological Affiliations

Cohn has founded the organization Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network, an organization which is critical of current transgender care guidelines and supports gatekeeping. She is on the advisory board for the anti-trans organization ReThink Identity Medicine Ethics, working alongside individuals like Stella O’Malley and William J. Malone.

She also hosts the podcast Heterodorx alongside gender critical activist Nina Paley. This podcast is frequently oppositional to transgender rights, and has featured guests such as Colin Wright, Stephanie Winn, and Wilfred Reilly.

Core Activism

Cohn has testified in favor of numerous anti-trans bills throughout her career, claiming to have spoken with policymakers in Indiana, Ohio, and Alabama, among other states. She has notably testified in favor of Indiana’s SB 480, a bill that criminalizes medical professionals from providing gender affirming care to minors. This bill passed not long after Cohn testified in favor of it.

Cohn has testified in favor of another bill in Indiana prior to this, HB 1041, which prohibits transgender girls from participating on teams with their identified gender. Her testimony on this bill was picked up supportively by the conservative website The Daily Signal.

Her Ohio testimony consists of her being in favor of HB 454, an iteration of the Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act that aimed to ban gender transitioning services for minors. This bill did not pass through the Ohio legislature.

Cohn also appeared in favor of HB 6 and HB 68, bills which would severely restrict the rights of transgender youth in Ohio were they to pass through the legislature. HB 6 was folded into HB 68, and HB 68 is currently in the legislature.

Cohn testified in favor of the Texas bill HB 1686, a bill which would ban transitioning services for minors. In this testimony, she claims to have been touched sexually by her doctor providing services for her.

She has submitted testimony in the Alabama case of Eknes-Tucker v Governor of the State of Alabama. Her testimony was in support of the defendants, being the Alabama politicians that aimed to restrict gender affirming care among minors.

Cohn hosts a substack which features various short articles by her, and which links to various other anti-trans figures through their Substacks as well. These include figures like Wesley Yang. She has also been published in outlets such as Quillette.

Cohn has written a Washington Post op-ed where she describes her experiences regretting her transition, and where she wishes that the youth of today wait out transitioning.

On Twitter, Cohn has denied trans people existed “before 1939,” and denied that trans people were victims of the Holocaust.

On her Substack, Cohn published a defense of the doxxing website Kiwi Farms, arguing that it must be allowed to stand in the name of free speech. This is in spite of the article discussing the doxxing of a famous transgender woman.

Cohn was featured in an interview with Genspect in which she discusses her opinions on the state of transgender rights in the US, discusses her experiences advocating for specific bills, and repeats claims that affirmation of trans people leads to “trans-identified” mass shooters.

Cohn has been featured on Genspect in different videos broken down from a larger interview, each highly critical to transgender care.

She has spoken as a guest at a monthly webinar by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, where she discussed appearing before legislature to oppose transgender girls being integrated into women’s sports. She has also appeared as a guest on the Gender: A Wider Lens podcast hosted by Sasha Ayad and Stella O’Malley.

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