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Chris Beck is an ex-Navy Seal, activist, and unsuccessful political candidate from Long Island, New York. Beck entered the public eye in the 2010s after coming out as a transgender woman following his lengthy military career, leading to an autobiographical book and work on the media circuit as a pro-trans activist. However, after converting to Christianity a decade later, he has returned to living as a man while pivoting into anti-trans activism with a particular focus on opposing gender-affirming care for minors.

Beck currently advocates against trans-affirming health treatment for individuals under 25. Beck himself was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the age of 42 and began hormone therapy at the age of 44.

Psychology and ‘health’ experts are ONE SIDED Münchausen syndrome propaganda.

Beck on Twitter/X 30 March 2023

Education and Military Service

Following four years in the Virginia Military Institute studying electrical engineering, Beck earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from New York’s Alfred University in 1989. He served in the Navy between 1990 and 2011, with the highest-profile portion of his career resting in his membership within the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, popularly known as SEAL Team Six. 

Charity and Conversion

Beck’s early charitable work included the foundation of the now-defunct Healing Grounds, an organization devoted to providing veterans with community service through the installation of nurseries and gardens. He also ran for a seat in Congress to represent Maryland as a Democrat in 2016, but finished second behind Representative Steny Hoyer.

Following Beck’s conversion to Christianity in 2022, his interview with Robby Starbuck in December of that year detailed many of his personal views on issues including critical race theory, vaccines, and his belief in or proximity to various modern conspiracy theories. He has since made appearances on Fox News and had his story highlighted by the Christian Post and the Christian Broadcasting Network among others.

Opposition to Gender Transition

Beck’s recent media appearances have focused heavily on his personal journey with his gender identity, which has led to conclusions about transgender youth that are not based in fact or approved standards of treatment. Many media accounts of Beck’s story can be sourced to the Robby Starbuck interview, with various networks covering snippets of his story and anti-trans statements without covering his more controversial far-right views. This includes an article in the Atlantic which used Beck as an example of how the public should listen to detransitioners’ stories without including any reference to his Christian conversion or extreme right views.

Beck is active on Twitter, also known as X, with tweets reflecting common misconceptions about gender affirming treatment, exaggerated rates of regret and detransition, and a belief that transgender identity develops due to social contagion. And has publicly shown support for Chloe Cole and other anti-trans activists.

Gender Identity

During his interview with Robby Starbuck, Beck explained his ongoing turmoil over his gender identity. “I’m not transgender ... I’m probably something else. I don’t know what it is,” he stated.

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