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Chris Beck


Chris Beck is an ex-Navy Seal, activist, and unsuccessful political candidate from Long Island, New York. Beck entered the public eye in the 2010s after …

International Perspectives Conference


The International Perspectives Conference was an event from the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine that took place from October 9, 2023, until October 12, 2023 …

Jesse Singal


Jesse Singal is an American journalist and podcaster, most known for a 2018 article about detransitioners in The Atlantic which was heavily criticized by prominent …

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research


The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research is an American anti-transgender conservative think tank headquartered in New York City. It is best known for issuing policy …

Miriam Grossman


Dr. Miriam R. Grossman is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, author, and anti-trans activist based in New Hampton, New York. She is a senior fellow …

Chaya Raichik


Chaya Raichik is an American anti-transgender activist best known as the creator of LGBTQ+ harassment account Libs of TikTok, from which she directs her audience …