Soren Aldaco

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Soren Aldaco is an American detransitioner who claims to have undergone serious medical harm as a result of her prior attempts at transitioning. She has been popularized by conservative and anti-trans media for being a detransitioner.

Aldaco is most notable for suing her medical providers who performed a top surgery on her that resulted in medical complications. She is suing her providers for over $1 million in damages.

Trans identity was the framework through which I achieved those things. It is a framework that fits our existing narrative and traditional sex-based expectations most comfortably. But it is not the only framework, despite what certain activists have to say. My existence is living proof of that.

Soren Aldaco’s Substack, 3 August 2023

Education and Credentials

Aldaco is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas in Austin, focusing her studies on humanities. She describes her education as being focused on how the concept of normalcy is defined in relation to neurodiversities.

Institutional and Ideological Affiliations

Aldaco has been interviewed by the conservative Daily Wire to discuss her detransitioning journey, and was interviewed subsequently by the Independent Women’s Forum. Her story has been picked up by various different conservative-leaning media groups, including the Christian Post and Talk.TV.

Core Activism

Aldaco received top surgery in 2021 that resulted in medical complications. Alleging these complications were due to medical malpractice, she initiated a lawsuit against her medical providers earlier this year in an attempt to recoup for damages. Suing for $1 million in damages, she is represented by Campbell, Miller, and Payne, a law firm which represents other detransitioners.

This lawsuit has been reported on by numerous conservative news outlets, including Fox News and the Daily Caller.

Aldaco has written an opinion piece for her substack and Dallas News, which summarizes her experience with detransitioning and undergoing medical complications from her top surgery. The piece is written from an angle where she opposes transgender care, and writes in justification of this using topics that she recently learned in undergraduate sociology courses.

In March of 2023, Aldaco testified in front of Texas politicians to support the passing of  HB 1686, a bill which added severe restrictions on gender transitioning services for minors across the state of Texas, especially in the way of public funding. This bill has not yet made its way through the required committees to undergo further voting.

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