Prisha Mosley

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Prisha Mosley is an political detransitioner activist living in Michigan who has been used as a spokesperson for the restriction of gender-affirming care for trans youth. She has testified about her life story in multiple states where bills to ban access to health care for trans minors were under consideration. She has also brought a lawsuit against her former doctors in North Carolina.

Men are transitioning because they're being told that their natural instincts for love make them women.

Mosley on Twitter/X, 8 June 2023

Early Life

Mosley has described first socially transitioning at 15-years-old after a sexual assault at 14 and struggles with an eating disorder and other mental health issues from the age of 13. She began hormone therapy at age 16 and later accessed top surgery after she turned 18. Mosley described her parents as unsupportive of her transition and says she had to schedule her own medical appointments to seek care.

Legislative Appearances

Mosley has testified in front of multiple state legislatures in support of restricting access to gender-affirming care for minors. A New York Times investigation included her as one member of a group of fewer than ten detransitioned people who have traveled the country in efforts to support these bans.

In Mosley’s testimony in favor of Louisiana’s House Bill 463, she claimed she was “groomed” by medical professionals. She has also testified in Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, South Carolina, Texas, and Maine. In a tweet, Mosley clarified that she has testified in Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas,  Louisana, and Tennesse as well.


Mosley is involved in a lawsuit seeking damages from the doctors who diagnosed and treated her for gender dysphoria in North Carolina. She is represented by Envisage Law, by lawyers who are also representing detransitioner Soren Aldaco in a similar case in Texas.

News Appearances and Fundraising

Mosley has appeared on Fox News and been interviewed by the New York Post and The Federalist.

Mosley’s desire to fund breast reconstruction surgery led to a campaign on Give Send Go, an explicitly Christian-oriented fundraising alternative to Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.

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