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Kim Jones is an American anti-transgender activist, former All-American tennis player, and the co-founder and face of Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS). After her daughter lost a competition to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in 2022, Jones helped co-found ICONS and organize an international summit for anti-transgender athletes, doctors and activists.

The message all year from Penn, the Ivy League and the NCAA is that women don't matter. They're not worthy of receiving access to fair competition, they're not even worthy of dignity or comfort in their locker rooms ... It's humiliating, it's devastating, it's really frustrating to understand where the current ... stance is on the value of women in modern society.

Kim Jones on "Fox & Friends First" 18 July 2022

Co-founding ICONS

On May 9th, 2022, Jones co-founded Women for Fairness in Sports, Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her fellow co-founders were president and director Marshi Kokmeyer, secretary Annie Grevers, and treasurer and director Carley Baldwin. Jones most often serves as the face of the organization, appearing in press interviews while her fellow co-founders remain mostly silent.

On July 25th, 2022, Women for Fairness in Sports, Inc., filed to change their name to Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS).


Jones infrequently hosts a podcast for the organization, either discussing ICONS’ recent activities or promoting anti-transgender activists. Notable episodes include a June 14th, 2023 discussion about the USA Power Lifting case in Minnesota, in which she explicitly describes transgender women as men, and a March 11th, 2023 conversation with lawyer and former Trump administration employee Candice Jackson about Title IX, who also acts as ICONS’ general counsel.

Thought Criminal Parties

A New Yorker article in 2023 revealed that Jones is sometimes a guest at Pamela Paresky’s “Thought Criminals” parties in New York. Paresky’s parties play host to noteworthy “canceled” people, people who have faced serious social backlash or ostracization for their behavior. When journalist Emma Green attended one of Paresky’s parties, Jones was in attendance, reported to speak almost exclusively about transgender people, and the alleged inferiority of female athletes. This is a topic that Jones tweets about frequently.

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