Candice Jackson

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Candice Jackson is a lawyer, former Trump administration staffer, and anti-trans activist. In association with Jackson Bone LLP (site now private) she worked with the Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), primarily taking on cases aimed against transgender people or people who provide gender-affirming care to transgender people.  She has spoken publicly against trans women in women's sports, the inclusion of gender identity in Title IX, gender affirming care for minors, and including trans women in women's spaces. She is active on social media and uses her platform largely for anti-trans activism and she has written anti-trans articles, hosted webinars, and participated in podcasts for anti-trans or conservative websites.

Jackson, along with anti-trans lawyer and activist Lauren Adams Bone, was involved with a case to try and overturn California's SB 132, which allows trans women to be housed in women's prisons in California. Jackson believes that gender identity is not real, that people who believe they are transgender are mistaken and that their confusion is based on comorbidities such as depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and trauma. She has compared what she calls "transgender ideology" to a religion and believes that inclusion of transgender status in law and government, essentially goes against the separation of church and state. She believes herself to be an advocate for detransitioners.

When we accept the fantastical notion that being a boy or a girl is a matter of choice, of clothing, of haircut, of feeling girly or boyish, we drive the discrimination school bus right off the road. 

Jackson Speaking at the "Our Bodies, Our Sports" Rally, 23 June 2022

Education and Career

According to her LinkedIn page, Candice Jackson attended Los Angeles Valley College (1994-1996), earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Stanford University (1996-1998), and earned a Juris Doctor from Pepperdine Law (1999-2002).

She worked as litigation counsel for Judicial Watch, Inc. (2002-2004), associate attorney for Bullivant Houser Bailey (2008-2009), attorney at law representing clients in California, Oregon, and Washington (2009-2017). She was acting assistant secretary for civil rights (2017-2018), then deputy general counsel (2018-2021) for the U.S. Department of Education in the Trump White House. She works for the law firm Freeman, Mathis, & Gary LLP in 2021 and in 2022 briefly formed Jackson Bone, LLP.

Platform and Affiliations

Candice Jackson and Lauren Adams Bone, formerly of the law firm Jackson Bone, LLP, worked with the non-profit anti-trans organization WoLF on cases alleging that the acceptance of transgender women is harmful to cisgender women and girls. Jackson has written articles and hosted webinars for GenSpect, an international group that opposes gender affirming care and social and medical transition. She was a guest on a panel hosted by Partners for Ethical Care (PEC), another anti-trans non-profit organization dedicated to opposing gender affirming medical care, called "It's Bigger Than Texas: Exposing the Gender Industry in America" in Austin, Texas in April 2023. Her twitter account is also primarily dedicated to anti-trans activism.

Legal Impact and Court Cases

Two relevant cases that were taken on by Jackson Bone LLP included Chandler vs. CDCR, a lawsuit filed by WoLF challenging a California Law that allows trans women to be housed in women's prisons, and Kiefel vs. Ruff, a lawsuit against two counselors who signed-off on top surgery for a detransitioned woman who regretted the decision to have the surgery. Jackson was also involved in the decision to scale back civil rights investigations in schools, which ultimately resulted in the closing of complaint cases filed by transgender students.

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