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Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known by the alias Posie Parker, is an anti-trans activist with ties to some anti-trans feminist organizations, although she does not consider herself a feminist. She is the founder of Standing for Women and a special advisor to the Women’s Liberation Front.

She is known for popularizing the term “adult human female” as an anti-trans tagline. She has done a great deal of work in opposing trans rights internationally, but primarily in her home country of the United Kingdom via billboards.

Keen-Minshull has hosted many anti-trans rallies, and in some cases these have attracted the attention and support of neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. She has also appeared in interviews with noted white nationalists.

We expect to dominate conversation. We expect to have our views taken seriously. We expect to be sitting next to candidates who’ve said stupid things, like ‘some men have cervixes’. We’re gonna do that, we’re gonna force the conversation out into the open.

September 22, 2022

Education and Credentials

Keen-Minshull received her Bachelor of Arts degree in theology from the University of Leeds, where she thereafter went on to try and train as a teacher before leaving that career. She later went on to work in sales, where she met her husband.

Institutional and Ideological Affiliations

Keen-Minshull is notable for founding the anti-trans group Standing for Women. She is currently the leader of this organization.

She is also the founder of the Adult Human Female store, which sells merchandise related to the tagline ‘adult human female.’

She is also a special advisor to the Women’s Liberation Front, a role she currently holds.

Core Activism

Keen-Minshull rose to prominence in 2018 when she made numerous inflammatory tweets against the CEO of transgender charity Mermaids, in which she misgendered the CEO’s trans daughter and referred to sex reassignment surgery done for her as “castration.” She also stated her opposition to gender transition procedures for minors. These statements led to her being questioned by police for the “use of words or behaviour to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation”, however no charges were placed.

She is most known for hosting a billboard that referred to cis women as “adult human females.” While the billboard was taken down shortly after, she has nonetheless been credited with creating and popularizing the phrase, which is widespread in online anti-trans activism. She has since hosted a billboard saying “I Heart J.K. Rowling,” which went on to inspire additional “adult human female” billboards in New Zealand.

Keen-Minshull made headlines in 2019 when she harassed and misgendered Sarah McBride, a trans woman who served as the Human Rights Campaign national press secretary. She has once stated that, in order to prevent trans women from using women’s toilets, men armed with guns should stand guard in women’s toilets.

She has also written various articles for The Spectator, which mostly consist of a variety of anti-trans topics, including defenses of J.K. Rowling, defenses of biological sex as a concept, and claims that cis lesbians are under attack from transgender women.

She is also notable for working with the far right in her efforts to oppose trans rights. She appeared on a livestream with J.F. Gariepy, an anti-trans white nationalist who has hosted other guests such as white supremacist Richard Spencer on his streams. While she claims she didn’t know he was far-right when she went on the interview, Parker’s own views on race and religion have led to her being disavowed by other anti-trans groups.

She has hosted many anti-trans rallies throughout the United Kingdom, including Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Glasgow, which have been met with many counter-protesters detracting the anti-trans views hosted within. One anti-trans supporter of Parker assaulted a counter protester at one of these rallies. A speaker at another of these rallies quoted Adolf Hitler, discussing the ‘big lie’ of trans women being considered women.

She went on to participate in rallies internationally, including a tour throughout the United States. This has been met with moderate pushback but also moderate attendance, with the most notable pushback being in Portland, Oregon where she claims she was receiving threats from “antifa,” leading her to cancel. Other areas she toured include Tacoma, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Parker notably held a rally in Melbourne, Australia where there was mass attendance by neo-Nazis, leading to large-scale outcry against the event, along with subsequent events being held into question as to whether she should be able to hold them.

One rally in particular was hosted in Auckland, New Zealand. Before she could continue on to her statements, she was met with widespread disapproval from the crowd, being booed at by many. Notably, she was doused in tomato juice by one person in particular, which led her to cancel the subsequent rally she had in Wellington. This rally attracted many members of the far-right, including white supremacists and Christian fundamentalists. 

Parker has stated that due to the events of the rally, she will not be returning to the country, however she has made appearances for a court case against the alleged individual who doused her in tomato juice. These subsequent appearances have drawn protesters and police presence alike.

Party of Women

On May 29, 2023, Parker announced her intention to form a new political party in the United Kingdom, with many other countries supposed to be following suit. This party was to be known as the “Party of Women,” and it was rejected by the Electoral Commission on the same day “as the party’s constitution and financial scheme were not compliant with the law.”

Parker intended to form a second political party, known as The Other Party, which was supposed to launch by the summer of 2023. It has yet to launch, and the Electoral Commission has declined to comment on the status of its application.

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