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Jon Uhler is an American Licensed Professional Counselor and conservative anti-transgender activist. He is the founder of self-help website and church outreach organization Church Protect, as well as anti-transgender website and podcast Unmasking the Trans Movement. Uhler also hosts a podcast, Journey to Healing, on conservative website The Exceptional Conservative Network, which hosts multiple right-wing podcasts and offers financial advice and links to companies that provide cash loans.

The kid gets in the car, and now somebody ... probably over the age of eighteen, probably an adult ... picks the kid up and drives them across state lines. And as soon as they pass the sign that says 'Welcome to California,' the parents can't get the kid back. You now can harbor this kid and arrange for them to go to Kaiser Permanente and get their breasts removed ... [sanctuary state laws are] legalized kidnapping. It is a predator's perfect law.

Uhler on the "Chosen Generation" radio show, 23 Aug 2023

Education and Credentials’s “About” section states that Uhler is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and that he received an Associate of Arts Degree in Ministerial Arts from Epic Bible College and Graduate School in Sacramento, California. He also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Education from evangelical Christian school Biola University and a Master of Science degree in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton.

Uhler’s LinkedIn states that he worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections as a Psychological Services Specialist for eleven years, from 2005 to 2016. In addition to being the founder and director for Survivor Support and Unmasking the Trans Movement, Uhler says that he has been a self-employed certified clinical sex offender treatment provider for men on parole and probation since March of 2020.

Uhler states on that his work with “severely emotionally disturbed” teens allows him to “speak authoritatively” about the transgender community, which he says is “a dangerous man-made psychological ruse he calls the Trans Deception.”

Survivor Support and Church Protect

Uhler founded Church Support in 2015 to “[help] ministries and human service organizations identify the characteristics of predators,” and “help to educate those same organizations on how they can best support survivors.”

In 2018 Uhler expanded Church Support’s survivor outreach and founded Survivor Support, to “help those deeply wounded towards healing.” The organization’s website provides stock photos, screenshots of Uhler’s posts on various social media websites, and blurbs about healing from trauma and loss. It also hosts the stories of survivors of various traumas as videos, a page about “connecting with God,” a blog with two posts since 2020, and links to one of Uhler’s podcasts hosted on YouTube.

Unmasking the Trans Movement

In February of 2023, Uhler founded the website and podcast Unmasking the Trans Movement. He and host Brad Wylder and co-host Ann Gillies discuss the transgender community by spreading misinformation about medical transition, sharing conspiracy theories suggesting that mass shooters are transgender, promoting the idea that the transgender community supports the decriminalization of pedophilia, vilifying members of the furry community as child predators, and denying the efficacy of the gender-affirming care model. The podcast also hosts various guests.

Uhler’s website provides a list of “clinical experts,” such as former American College of Pediatrics (ACPEDS) president Michelle Cretella, “newscasts” about “the trans movement,” webinar support groups for parents, and a list of prefabricated documents for parents to send to schools. The documents are currently inaccessible.

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