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Jill Glover is a committeewoman for the governing board of the Republican Party of Texas for senate district 12. She supports conversion therapy and opposes gender-affirming care for minors and has offered testimony for various pieces of conservative legislation including her state’s ban on gender-affirming care.

Please don’t tell me you ‘prayed really hard’ or ‘prayed for hours’ before you took a vote that clearly denies Biblical values of justice and righteousness. Second hand information from biased sources should never be the basis for critical decisions.

Glover on Twitter/X, 28 May 2023

Education and Credentials 

According to her self-reported biography, Glover holds a master’s degree in psychology and has worked as a community college instructor on the subjects of psychology and sociology. She further describes herself as a state-licensed counselor. 

Texas State GOP

Glover is a member of the Texas Republican Party. Her activism started around 2016, following the presidential election of Donald Trump, during a church prayer meeting with a Republican party member and area committeewoman for the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). Glover spent the next several years working as an activist for the party, culminating in her appointment to SREC committeewoman in 2019 for senate district 12, and formal election to the position in 2020. As committeewoman, Glover works to ensure Republican legislators work along party lines and encourages them to vote accordingly on various pieces of legislature while also encouraging citizen activism.

SREC Duties and Activism

One of Glover’s regular duties for the SREC as the Legislative Priorities Committee chair is to create legislative priority reports on a weekly basis. These reports summate the activities of the party, legislation voted on, and outlines goals for upcoming sessions along Republican party lines. As such, the bills are generally described in terms as “good” or “favorable” when they align with Republican party ideals.

The SREC created a “scorecard” in 2021, designed to judge lawmakers on their ability to pass legislation that aligned with party ideals. Glover criticized their inability to pass any priority bills throughout the past year, which included criminalizing gender-affirming care for minors, allowing for discrimination on religious grounds, and the protection of Confederate monuments.

Speaking on behalf of the SREC after a planned transgender story time at the Denton Public Library, Glover stated “One of the Republican Party of Texas priorities was ending the gender modification of children.” She went on to state “We do not want children to be deceived by adults. This whole direction is destructive for children.”

Glover also travels and speaks on behalf of the SREC, and has touted the “Judeo-Christian principles in the Republican party.” During a 2021 appearance for the Bryan/College Station Tea Party, she presented a lecture titled “The Agenda to Erase Families and Destroy our Children: The Left’s Push Toward Communism.” 

Legislative Testimony

Glover spoke in favor of 2019’s Texas Senate Bill 17, which would allow licensed professionals to deny their services to others based on religious grounds. During her testimony, she downplayed the effects of the bill on the grounds that patients would seek professionals whose values align with their own, and that the refusal to counsel a patient might lead to the loss of her license.

Glover also testified against 2019’s House Bill 517, which was introduced with the intention of outlawing the practice of gender conversion therapy in Texas. “This bill states that if a child is claiming to be a boy when all the biological evidences say she is a girl, then I am to agree with her and affirm her confusion,” Glover stated, and went on to call the measure “child abuse.”

In 2021, Glover offered support for Texas Senate Bills 1311 and 1646, which sought to criminalize the act of providing gender-affirming care to transgender minors, targeting both parents and doctors in the state. In her testimony, Glover called gender exploration a “fad.”

Following the approval of a (SB 17) 2023 bill to ban diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices and programs in public colleges and universities in Texas, Glover complained that the measure didn’t go far enough, and decried the bill for “codify[ing] into Texas law sexual orientation and gender identity.” Glover suggested it would be preferable “for the bill author, Senator Creighton, to kill his own bill rather than pass the substituted bill.”

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