American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property

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American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) is an extreme right evangelical Christian branch of the international Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property movement. Focusing heavily on anti-communism and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, this group aims to impose a hyper-traditionalist version of Catholicism onto the general public.

TFP has been active primarily in sharing its own materials online, but it has occasionally engaged in more public outreach through anti-LGBTQ+ protests and pamphlets. The Southern Poverty Law Center has referenced the group as extremist for its views on LGBTQ+ individuals, and has been labeled by some as forming a cult of personality around its ideological leader, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Others have compared their ideology to fascism.

They are best known for hosting the America Needs Fatima movement, a national Christian movement and organization dedicated to following the teachings of the Virgin Mary. This organization has engaged in numerous instances of anti-LGBTQ+ protest and rhetoric.

The transgender movement, like Islam, is only satisfied with total submission. Under this new tyranny, schools, universities, businesses and even Churches are no longer free to follow their moral principles.

From "Ten Reasons Why Transgenderism is the Family's Worst Enemy, American TFP, 30 July 2016


While TFP was founded in 1973, it does not legally exist under its own name. Rather, it merged with the organization “Foundation for a Christian Civilization Inc” in 1992, which still is in place to this day. TFP was founded to be in line with the same ideals as its sibling chapters internationally, especially that of its Brazilian counterpart - to follow the teachings of the professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

The stated purpose of the organization, as per its public tax filings, is “To further the values of Christian civilization by defending the principles of tradition, family and property. To spread the message of Our Lady Fatima throughout America. For this end, the corporation organized 16,000 public square rosary rallies for America in October 2021 and thousands of monthly rosary rallies.” 

TFP is reportedly headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania. However, it has actions and members across the United States.


The non-profit behind TFP, Foundation for a Christian Civilization Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in Topeka, Kansas. It currently brings in around $19 million a year on average, with the amount of revenue increasing on a yearly basis.

Interestingly, the President and Vice President of Foundation for a Christian Civilization appear to have registered not making any money from the nonprofit, whereas other members have salaries between $46,000 and $61,000.

Foundation for a Christian Civilization reportedly receives all of its revenue from “gifts, donations, contributions, or membership fees.” Given the popularity of its America Needs Fatima campaign, it is likely that this is where the primary source of its revenue comes from.

History of Anti-LGBTQ+ Activism

American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property made headlines in 2022 for holding an anti-trans protest outside of Georgetown University, in which they were quickly outnumbered by counter protesters who support trans rights.

At this protest, they shared pamphlets based on a website article they host in which they give a 10 point list as to why being transgender is “the family’s worst enemy.” Citations include the fringe conservative doctors' group American College of Pediatricians, and the claim that being trans “offends God.”

The group has hosted other articles against trans folk on their website, including one where they lament the poor feedback from their protest and another where they compare trans folk to communists and say that they’re “transgendering our children.”

One of the most prominent examples of TFP’s anti-LGBTQ+ activism comes in the form of their campaign against Amazon for hosting a humorous shirt that depicted Jesus Christ as gay. This was considered blasphemous by TFP, and led to them sending out a digital petition and email campaign directed at Amazon.

TFP hosted a separate petition as well, aiming to oppose a pro-trans and pro-gay priest’s public speaking event. The petition garnered over 12,000 signatures.

On their website, TFP hosts numerous far-right books and reading recommendations, many of which are explicitly anti-LGBTQ+.

TFP has also repeatedly protested Drag Queen Story Hour, reportedly calling people slurs and being met with disapproval by the general surrounding communities. Their student action variant has also participated in anti-LGBTQ+ protests as visible on their YouTube.

America Needs Fatima

America Needs Fatima is a campaign created by TFP and owned by the same parent company, and is dedicated to promoting the message of the Virgin Mary, also known as Our Lady of Fatima. Much more prominent than TFP, they are known for aggressive fundraising and marketing campaigns and have many more visible actions, including petitions and newsletter sign-ups. TFP claims that there are over 120,000 supporting members of America Needs Fatima.

America Needs Fatima has garnered much more attention in its campaigning, and has been repudiated by many other Christians for inaccuracies in their rhetoric, and even being distanced from the Archdiocese of Miami.

They are explicitly queerphobic, outwardly lambasting gay marriage, drag queens, and trans folks on their website, and have supported protests against gay marriage directly. Their petition against Drag Queen Story Hour has over 15,000 signatures, and is still ongoing.

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