Bigger Picture Conference

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The Bigger Picture Conference and the Bigger Picture Continues were events hosted by Genspect, opposing gender affirming care and “gender ideology”. The original was hosted in Killarney, Ireland from April 27 to 29, 2023. The follow-up, the Bigger Picture Continues, took place on Saturday, November 4, 2023 and Sunday, November 5, 2023 in Denver, Colorado.

The events hosted a number of anti-trans speakers, with the discussion centered around opposing the standards of care outlined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

No one - neither children nor adults - can give informed consent to a medical treatment if their doctor is misinforming them about the nature of their condition. 

Presentation at Genspect’s 2023 Bigger Picture Conference, 5 November 2023

Date, Location, and Cost

The 2023 conference, the Bigger Picture Continues, took place on Saturday, November 4, 2023 and Sunday, November 5, 2023 in Denver, Colorado.

Individual tickets cost $125 for only streaming, and $525 for general admission per person. There were additional price cuts for larger groups 5 or more, and for those who are already funding Genspect on an annual subscription.

Event Description and Content

The event is described as a counter to the medically recognized and acclaimed organization WPATH. Genspect details the event as follows, “Traditional exploratory psychotherapy for gender-distressed youth must replace affirmative care, of course, and a rigorous scientific method must continue challenging the shoddy evidence base for activist-driven gender medicine; but Genspect holds that much more is needed if we’re successfully to counter the pervasive influence of gender ideology in Western culture.”

The events consist of various panels discussing a different avenue to opposing gender affirming care, with specific topics ranging from free speech and gender to detransitioning narratives. There will also be broadcasts of anti-trans documentaries, such as the film “Gender: A Wider Lens”. 

Speakers at the 2023 conference focused on gender affirming care for both minors and adults, with one popular presentation suggesting that adults might not always be able to give informed consent either. There were also discussions of women’s sports, detransition, and parents rights

Advertised featured speakers:

  • Stella O’Malley
  • Michael Shellenberger
  • Leor Sapir
  • Jesse Singal
  • Vernadette Ramirez Boyles
  • Jamie Reed
  • Ben Appel
  • Stephen Levine
  • Denise Caignon
  • Joseph Burgo
  • Lisa Marchiano
  • Chloe Cole
  • Sasha Ayad
  • Heather Heying
  • Colin Wright
  • Sammy Stagg
  • Carrie D. Mendoza
  • Jessie Mannisto
  • Nina Paley
  • Carole Hooven
  • Jennifer Lahl
  • January Littlejohn
  • Wesley Yang
  • Alex Byrne
  • Corinna Cohn
  • Linda Blade
  • Erin Friday
  • Wilfred Reilly
  • Shannon Thrace
  • Prisha Mosley
  • James Lindsa

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