Lynn Meagher

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Lynn Meagher is a conservative activist primarily dedicated to opposing gender-affirming care for minors. She gained attention when she was interviewed for an article about the fact that two of her children are transgender and estranged from her, claiming that she lost them to the "transgender cult". She has since spoken out in numerous ways, including protesting, writing articles, and providing witness testimonies in court cases. Her children have said that she was an abusive mother and that her racism and religious intolerance were also contributing factors, alongside her transphobia, in their estrangement. Meagher opposes Drag Queen Story Hours and gender affirming care for minors.

If we objected to bald eagles or elephants being hunted down, should we just not hunt them ourselves and mind our own business?

Meagher, in response to the idea that parents who object to Drag Queen Story Hours can simply opt not to attend, June 17, 2019

Life and Career

Lynn Meagher blames the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the trans community (which she calls the "Transgender Cult"), for her estrangement from her two trans children. In addition to her interview with the Christian Post, she wrote for The Federalist about her son in an article that misgenders him throughout. She co-founded a blog called the Compassion Coalition (not to be confused with the organization in Knoxville, TN), which is primarily dedicated to banning gender-affirming care for trans and gender non-conforming minors (whom it labels as "gender confused"). She also has her own webpage, Gender Apostasy, which also seems to be primarily dedicated to opposing gender affirming care. The site's byline is "The gender industry is a threat to women, children, and families". Meagher also has a facebook page under the name Minn Lynn

Affiliations and Activism

Meagher is affiliated with a Washington State branch of the conservative organization MassResistance and Hands Across the Aisle, a proclaimed non-partisan group solely dedicated to connecting people who oppose transgender rights. She has protested Drag Queen Story Hours at libraries. She has also testified in favor of anti-trans legislation, including HB 1399 in Texas and HB 1057 in South Dakota.

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