Kristen Waggoner

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Kriston Waggoner is the CEO, president and general counsel for far-right religious extremist hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). She is a constitutional lawyer and frequent contributor to far-right and religious journalistic outlets.

Christians don’t share a spiritual bond with [Piers] Morgan or [JK] Rowling. The gulf between us is vast. But we should thank God that they can help push back the darkness of transgenderism, the most pernicious ideology of our time.

Waggoner, 18 May 2023

Education and Work

Waggoner attended Northwest University Regent University School of Law, both private Christian institutes, graduating with her Juris Doctor in 1997. She worked for a year as a law clerk for Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders, then as a partner at law firm Ellis, Li & McKinstry PLLC from 1998 to 2013. She was appointed Senior Vice President of the U.S. division of far-right religious extremist group Alliance Defending Freedom in 2013, general counsel in 2020, and CEO and president in August of 2022.

Waggoner is best known for two high profile court cases: the Arlene's Flowers lawsuits and Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, both civil rights cases pertaining to a private business’s right to discriminate against protected classes.

Contributing to Right-Wing Media

Waggoner has contributed articles to right-wing media outlets such as the Christian news magazine World News Group, Fox News, and Newsweek.

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