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Brandon Mark Showalter is a journalist for The Christian Post who primarily covers trans issues. He began writing with The Christian Post in 2016, following a brief stint of blogging on the religious platform Patheos. His articles feature an anti-trans slant, often riddled with accusations of trans people being groomers and indoctrinating children.

His most notable work is a book he co-wrote with Jeff Myers called “Exposing the Gender Lie,” published with The Christian Post. It has been widely featured among conservative Christian outlets, promoting the idea that trans kids are being coerced into their identities.

Neither parents nor a state has the right to enable the castration of a child… Dear God, please bring this insane nightmare to a swift end.

Showalter on Twitter/X 27 July 2023

Education, Credentials, and Affiliations

Showalter attended Bridgewater College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Spanish. He later attended the Bethel School of Ministry for a 3 year, non-degree study program that focuses on deepening folk’s ties to Christianity.

Showalter earned a Master’s of Arts degree in Human Rights from The Catholic University of America.

He is primarily affiliated professionally with The Christian Post, a position he claims to have been interested in from 2015 when he worked as a church custodian.

Article History

While Showalter initially began writing on his Patheos blog in 2015, he has written primarily for The Christian Post, publishing over 1,800 articles across his career. His first article with them was published on May 10, 2016, and he did not initially focus on transgender issues, instead writing issues of a general concern to Christian conservatives, much in line with his work over at Patheos.

He began covering transgender issues around 2017, however he began focus more on the subject in mid 2022. Throughout his career, he has written dozens of anti-trans articles for The Christian Post.

His articles present the transgender community in a negative or dangerous light, often drawing on reporting in other outlets with a similar anti-trans skew. Some examples are one that claims TikTok is causing children to become transgender, another that advocates for conversion therapy following a ban in Denver, Colorado, and an article that opposes non-binary gender markers being implemented in New York City.

His views are explicitly showcased in opinion pieces on the site, such as one claiming to showcase specific examples of institutionalized grooming of children from those promoting trans folk, and another that’s a positive review of Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage.

His non-aggregated articles frequently get reposted in other outlets, such as Christian Examiner, Christian Today, Christian Today Australia, The Aquila Report, Independent Women’s Forum, and Christian Week.

He has also contributed as a guest to The Daily Wire, writing about the supposed mass censorship against conservatives.

Media Appearances

Showalter’s most notable work is a book co-written with Jeff Myers entitled “Exposing the Gender Lie.” This book details the supposed indoctrination of youth into being transgender.

Showalter also hosts the Life in the Kingdom podcast with The Christian Post. This podcast deals with a variety of topics only some of which are focused on trans-related topics.

Showalter is also a host of Generation Indoctrination, another Christian Post podcast that first aired in 2022, which promotes anti-trans views under the guise that there is a mass crisis focusing on indoctrinating children to be transgender.

He appeared on a YouTube episode with the Sons of St. Joseph, and he has made guest appearances on the Christian radio shows Sacred Heart Radio and My Faith Radio.

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