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Gender Identity Challenge, (GENID) also known as Gender Identity Challenge Scandinavia, Gender Identity Challenge Norway, and (currently) Gender Identity Challenge Sweden, is a Sweden-based organization of parents dedicated to opposing the gender-affirming care model in Scandinavia. They are notable for advocating to restrict access to hormones for minors in Scandinavia.

Ever more parents feel that their child wants to change their gender without previous evidence of gender incongruence. We wonder what has brought this about and how to deal with this phenomenon generally referred to as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

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GENID was registered as a nonprofit November 8, 2018 by Avi Ring (now deceased), Karin Svens, Jannika Häggström, and Marit Rønstad in response to a growing amount of support for gender-affirming care across Scandinavia. However, it had an earlier existence as a website for concerned parents as far back as 2016. It was known as Gender Identity Challenge Scandinavia, before changing its name in August of 2022 to Gender Identity Challenge Sweden.


GENID is a registered nonprofit in Sweden but this does not mean public records of their finances are available. It is apparent that they accept donations. On their English-speaking website's footer, they have banking information available, presumably welcoming donations. On their Swedish-speaking website, they have a membership option available for 200 SEK.

The organization is not registered as an employer, meaning there is no one receiving an income from them on the books.

History of Anti-Trans Activism

GENID’s work in opposing transgender care goes back to their conception, with their stated purpose being to question the status quo on gender affirming care, and to suggest alternative models in line with conversion therapy.

They share significant membership with the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine, though it is unclear to what degree the two organizations are connected in their activities.

GENID supports limiting medical transition until at least age 25. On their website, they host various videos, both Swedish and otherwise, that specifically suggest transitioning in childhood is inherently harmful.

GENID is believed to have spread anti-trans ideas to Scandinavian audiences via translations on the Swedish website, such as material explaining the fringe hypothesis of Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria in Swedish.

Shifting Public Policy in Sweden

GENID and its affiliates have been associated with instances of public policies shifting against trans people in Norway and Sweden.Their rhetoric is believed to be tied to recent restrictions by Swedish authorities in limiting access to hormones and puberty blockers for minors.

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