International Perspectives Conference

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The International Perspectives Conference was an event from the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine that took place from October 9, 2023, until October 12, 2023 in New York City.

The conference featured discussions about the supposed harms that things like social transitioning and puberty blockers have on trans youth. A wide array of noted anti-trans figures, such as conversion therapist Kenneth Zucker and psychiatrist Stephen Levine have been advertised as speakers.

This unprecedented conference will bring together international experts in youth gender medicine from Sweden, Finland, UK; thought leaders from the home of evidence-based medicine (EBM), McMaster University; and professionals working at the intersection of biology, epidemiology, medicine and cultur

Eventbrite Page, Accessed 9/26/23

Date, Location, and Cost

The core conference is was held from October 10, 2023 at 8am EST until October 11, 2023 at 5pm EST. It features optional events on October 9, from 3pm to 7pm, and October 12, from 9am to 12PM. A flyer shared on Twitter stated it would be held in New York City, though an exact location was not provided.

The flyer stated the cost to participants will be $295 for remote online attendance and $695 in person, with an additional $150 for the pre-conference event and $120 for the post-conference event.

Event Description and Content

An Eventbrite page advertised that the conference would “review new evidence and discuss the current treatment approaches and the divergent perspectives on how to best support children and young people experiencing gender dysphoria. We will also discuss the challenges facing scientific and medical institutions in the US.”

A previously unreleased flier, shared on Twitter by Zinnia Jones of Gender Analysis, provided a more detailed look at the planned content, such as a discussion about the efficacy of puberty blockers, re-assessments of the treatment options for trans folk, the supposed problems with social transitioning for trans folk, and talks with prominent anti-trans personalities such as Hannah Barnes and Gordon Guyatt.

After the conference, a journalist sympathetic to the anti-trans cause described a talk by the chief psychiatrist at Tampere University Hospital Department of Adolescent Psychiatry in Finland, Riittakerttu Kaltiala where Kaltiala presented preliminary, non-peer reviewed reasearch in a substack post.

Featured Speakers

  • Erica Anderson
  • Roberto D’Angelo
  • Laura Edwards
  • Anna Hutchinson
  • Riittakerttu Kaltiala
  • Mikael Landén
  • Stephen Levine
  • Jamie Reed
  • Anne Wæhre
  • Kenneth Zucker
  • Zhenya Abbruzzese
  • Sallie Baxendale
  • Susan Bewley
  • Michael Biggs
  • Romina Brignardello
  • Ivan D. Florez
  • Gorden Guyatt
  • Patrik Vanrunkelsven
  • Dena Zeraakatar
  • Sasha Ayad
  • Hannah Barnes
  • Alex Capo
  • Alison Clayton
  • Paul Garcia-Ryan
  • Kathleen Goonan
  • Moti Gorin
  • Kristopher Kaliebe
  • Lisa Littman
  • Julia Mason
  • Carrie Mendoza
  • Leor Sapir
  • Samuel Veissière

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