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Luke Rosiak is a conservative journalist working at the Daily Wire since his initial employment in 2016. His work has been featured in a wide variety of right-wing outlets, including Washington Examiner, Washington Times, and Daily Caller.

He is most notable for publishing an article which falsely claimed that Loudoun County, Virginia schools enabled a sexual assault to happen in a bathroom as a result of trans-inclusive policies. Many of the key claims found in his initial reporting on the case were subsequently shown to be inaccurate and/or misleading.

Transgenders were the victims of 271 hate crimes in 2021, of which most were minor such as theft, vandalism, or intimidation. There were 2 killings and 2 rapes, according to FBI data released this week--despite political rhetoric claiming a "genocide.

Rosiak on Twitter/X 17 March 2023

Education, Credentials, and Affiliation

Rosiak began his career in the mid-2000s when he worked as a researcher for the Center for Responsive Politics, now known as OpenSecrets. He then began to write for left-leaning political outlets such as Daily Beast, Rochester Democrat, and Politico in the late 2000s. This was in tandem with his work at the Sunlight Foundation, which occurred from the late 2000s to the early 2010s.

After a brief stint in writing at Washington Post in the early 2010s, before shifting more conservative in his outlet choices by 2011 with his writing at the Washington Times. Following this, he moved to the Washington Examiner in 2013, then to the Daily Caller in 2015, before settling into his role at the Daily Wire in 2016, where he remains to this day.

Rosiak has contributed to various other outlets including the New York Post, The Daily Signal, and Capital Research Center.

Loudoun County Sexual Assault Case

In October, 2022, Rosiak published an article in the Daily Wire detailing the unverified accusations of the father of a Loudoun County, VA high schooler. The father, who had had aggressive confrontations with school officials, claimed his daughter’s rape was being covered up by the school, and that the perpetrator was a boy wearing a skirt who had taken advantage of a policy allowing transgender youth to use bathrooms in accordance with their gender to assault his daughter in a girls bathroom. This story was widely picked up on the right, often straying even further from the facts as they were later established than Rosiak’s original story had done. Much of Rosiak’s trans related reporting in the time since has consisted of topics stemming from this controversy.

According to subsequent reporting, including a thorough New York Times investigation published in 2023, a rape occurred in Loudoun, as did a second sexual assault of a second girl at the hands of the same boy another Loudoun County school. However, the boy never identified as transgender, did not gain access to the bathroom by being or pretending to be transgender, and there was no evidence of a cover up by school officials who were attempting to pass a policy protecting transgender youth. 

Rosiak received the ‘Outstanding Investigative Journalist’ award from the conservative Media Research Center in 2022 in response to the piece.

Article History

Rosiak has published over 1,300 articles since he began his career, spanning multiple outlets, primarily conservative in nature. 

He appears to have begun covering trans issues in great detail during his work at the Daily Wire, although he published several articles with Daily Caller that were similar in tone to his Daily Wire works.

His articles often rely on out of context information or misleading wording to portray the trans community in a negative light. This can be seen with an article attempting to link a trans activist group to a mass shooter, or an article that seeks to deny systemic violence against trans people.

Media Appearances and Books

Rosiak has been featured on the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s Facebook via a Live event, as well as the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News.

Rosiak has published two books, “Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education” in 2022 and “Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats” in 2019.

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