Amy E. Sousa

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Amy E. Sousa is an educator and anti-trans activist in Washington. Most of Sousa’s public-facing activism revolves around opposition to gender-affirming care for transgender individuals and protests over trans people’s participation in sports and other programs according to their gender identity.

I’m sick of the gaslighting. This man is a grifter making money from parodying sexist & demeaning stereotypes where he pretends to be a “girl” not even a “woman.” It’s peak misogyny when cosplaying men get lauded as examples of womanhood. I’m sick of it! #StopTheGaslighting

Sousa on Twitter/X, 17 September 2022

Education and Credentials

The description of a YouTube interview with Sousa states that Sousa holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theater from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, and an Master of Arts in Depth Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Pacifica Graduate Institute was sued in 2014 by several of its students and graduates over misleading statements about the college’s accreditation by the American Psychological Association. 

Professionally, Sousa reports having worked as a theater educator and education director for the past 20 years.

RevFoXX and Little Red Reverberations

Sousa co-founded RevFoXXUSA in 2022 with fellow anti-trans activists Gabrielle Clark (who previously sued a Las Vegas school over identity and race education), and Jennifer Thomas. As an organization, RevFOXX was founded in an attempt to remove educational materials about gender exploration and identity from public schools, with a secondary focus on keeping transgender minors from using changing rooms and bathrooms that match their gender identity. Thomas departed from RevFoXX in late 2022, followed by the shutdown of the website, though the organization’s Twitter and Substack pages remain active.

Sousa is also the founder of Little Red Reverberations, which offers workshops and education to “any woman who has longed to deepen her connection to her inner voice, her intuition, instincts, and sense perceptions, for any woman who has wished to stake out for herself a stronger sense of boundaries, to build within herself a strong internal validation, emotional resilience, and internal integrity.” The organization’s name refers to the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, which Sousa has co-opted as part of her activism.

Protests and anti-Trans Radical Feminist Support

In a 2020 opinion piece published on Medium, titled “#IStandWithJKR is #MeToo 2.0,” Sousa equated support for outspoken anti-trans radical feminist J.K. Rowling as supporting women’s rights as a whole, and lamented how “the observable, functional, and experiential category of biological sex is somehow up for debate.”

In 2022, Sousa assisted in organizing protests following the banning of Julie Jaman from a Port Townsend YMCA. Jaman confronted a transgender employee of the YMCA and demanded she be removed from the women’s changing room while interrogating the employee about her genitalia, leading to Jaman’s eventual expulsion from the facility for violations of YMCA’s code of conduct. The incident led to the founding of a GoFundMe page for the trans employee, who has raised over $20,000 for gender-affirming surgeries.

Sousa also participated in protests following the 2022 victory of Lia Thomas in the NCAA women’s swimming championships. During the protest, she claimed “Feminism has become so muddied, much like the term Democrat has become so muddied,” and described herself as “politically homeless.” She went on to misgender Thomas 60 times in a single tweet.

Sousa spoke at the 2023 panel “Our Spaces, Our Sports: Women Holding the Line,” alongside anti-trans activists K. Yang and Riley Gaines. The event was sponsored by numerous anti-trans and hate groups, including Moms for Liberty and Gays Against Groomers

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