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Alexandra Hecht, known by the pseudonym Alix Aharon, is a Scottish anti-transgender activist. She is best known for reposting a map of American clinics and services supporting transgender people, created by transgender journalist Erin Reed, for the purpose of targeted harassment by anti-transgender activists. 

I was watching a documentary on Israeli TV about four girls ... who were going to be joining the IDF as boys ... I could clearly see that these girls were just lesbians, and had gone through some sort of dreadful medicalized process, and I began to think about the ethics of telling a girl she can identify her way to the point of being in a male infantry brigade ... and then I started thinking wait, what is this crazy diagnosis we're giving to people?

Aharon, as interviewed by Erin Brewer, 15 October 2020

Education and Work

Aharon is a Scottish national who immigrated to, and primarily lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. As of 2013, she worked for TechFinancials as a sales director, and had an educational background in law. She claims to campaign for ending prostitution, pornography, and child surrogacy, which she characterizes as a commercial industry supported by gay men.

Anti-Transgender Activism

Aharon is a part of the advisory council for anti-transgender activist organization Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), which has worked alongside the Family Policy Alliance, a conservative activist organization described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the group that is most influential on the current slate of 2021 anti-trans bills.”

Aharon cofounded Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) in November of 2020, registered as a not-for-profit in the state of Illinois under the name International Partners for Ethical Care. PEC’s stated mission is to “stop the unethical treatment of children” by gender-affirming healthcare professionals and schools. Their website insists that no child is “born in the wrong body,” and describes “gender ideology” as “a destructive and nefarious lie.” PEC maintains a blog containing organizational updates and opinion pieces focused on the transgender community, as well as videos and a podcast.

In 2021, Aharon gave testimony in support of Arkansas Act 626, which prohibited healthcare professionals from providing gender-affirming care to transgender youth. The act was overturned by a federal judge in June of 2023 for violating the equal protection clause of the constitution.

The Gender Mapper Project

In February of 2022, Aharon rehosted a map of informed consent healthcare providers that offered services to transgender patients and labeled it “The Gender Offender Mapper.” She later renamed it “The Gender Mapping Project.” 

The map was originally created in August of 2021 by transgender journalist Erin Reed, who noted that Aharon’s copied map contained all of the same pin notes and coloring as hers. Reed created the map to help transgender people pursue gender-affirming healthcare, while Aharon’s use of the map was compared to Twitter account Libs of TikTok, and labeled stochastic terrorism. Aharon denied accusations of plagiarism.

Reed filed a takedown request in early September of 2022 for copyright infringement with Google, who temporarily took down, but eventually restored, Aharon’s map. On September 30th, Aharon reported on Twitter that the map had been taken down by Google for violating their “Harrassment, Bullying and Threats” policy. The map remains offline on Google’s servers as of August, 2023, but has been rehosted on Aharon’s website via Google Maps competitor Stadia Maps with the URL title “name and shame doctors.”

In addition to the map of informed consent clinics, Aharon created a website that hosts a blog covering the “latest medical trans news.” The blog includes antisemitic articles about Jewish transgender women, and antiblack articles asserting that black transgender people do not exist. The website also contains testimonial videos from alleged detransitioners interviewed by anti-transgender activist and PEC cofounder Erin Brewer

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