LGBT Courage Coalition

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LGBT Courage Coalition is an advocacy group that aligns conservative and gender critical voices to oppose transgender care for minors. The group was founded by Jamie Reed, and initially included voices like Buck Angel and Aaron Kimberly.

The group primarily takes action through their blog and small social media platforms, where they try to campaign their audience in favor of movements and actions that would restrict the rights of transgender individuals, especially that of transgender minors.

We are a coalition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adults who are concerned with the current state of gender medicine for children, adolescents, and teenagers in the United States and Canada.

-From LGBT Courage Coalition Substack, July 24, 2023


LGBT Courage Coalition was founded July 1, 2023 by Jamie Reed, Aaron Kimberly, Aaron Terrell, Ben Appel, Arty Morty, and Buck Angel. The group launched as a Substack blog to little praise - much of the reception in the replies was critiquing them for allowing transgender people in their group at all.

The group has since moved on to become a more structured organization, with different roles listed for various current members on their website. Additional information on their structure is unknown.


Not much is known about the financial structure of this group. They are not currently listed as a non-profit on ProPublica’s explorer, nor are they filed as a business with the SEC. All that is known about the group’s finances is that they solicit donations on their website, which redirects to a PayPal business page.

History of Anti-LGBTQ+ Activism

One of the main campaigns organized by the LGBT Courage Coalition is supporting a petition known as “WHO Decides,” which criticizes the World Health Organization for its current efforts in seeking guidelines on transgender care. The main source of criticism is that there are alleged conflicts of interests with the bulk of the group working on this - the majority of the alleged conflicts of interests are that these individuals have previously worked with transgender people in a professional capacity.

Another big feature on their website are profiles of various alleged whistleblowers, including Reed, Kimberly, Sara Stockton, Riittakerttu Kaltiala, and several more. They offer a section for whistleblowers to reach out to them to discuss their stories.

The group, primarily being a Substack blog, often uses its small platform to mobilize its audience to take action against issues relating to transgender care. One example is them trying to oppose Maine’s LD 227, which would make it a safe state for transgender people.

Other posts on their blog are things like opinion pieces or updates about how members of the group were featured in the news. These posts typically receive views numbering below 100.

In describing the organization, Transgender Map says, “despite the group blog’s name, many involved do not have the courage to use their names.”

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