Model legislation

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Therapy Now

Therapy Now (formerly Sex Matters) is a UK based anti-trans radical feminist organization dedicated to opposing trans inclusion in gendered spaces, such as in healthcare, …

Stanley Goldfarb

Stanley Goldfarb is a conservative nephrologist who has begun building a career opposing transgender care through his organization, Do No Harm, which opposes critical race …

Lauren Adams Bone

Lauren Adams Bone, of Adams Bone Law and formerly with Jackson Bone Law, is a lawyer and especially anti-trans women’s rights activist. She has written …

Independent Women's Forum

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is 501(c)(3) nonprofit and conservative anti-transgender think tank who describe themselves as promoting “a conservative alternative to feminist tenets,” while …

Family Policy Alliance

Family Policy Alliance (FPA) is a conservative Christian nonprofit that acts as the lobbying arm of the group Focus on the Family. Oriented around promoting …

Women’s Declaration International

Women’s Declaration International (WDI), formerly known as the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, is an anti-trans radical feminist organization based in the United Kingdom with chapters …